Friday, 29 January 2016

Thing 23: Making it all work together.

Drum roll, please: Thing 23!

Going forward, it's about making it all work together. For this the last Thing, I had a look at Flipboard; a ‘live’ magazine for your smart phone or tablet. I found Flipboard to be very user-friendly, shiny and easy on the eye.

To begin, I personalised my Flipboard around my own interests. I then added my Twitter and Facebook accounts to the feed, had a look around at other Flipboard accounts and followed ones I liked etc. It actually reminds me of a more personalised Pinterest. The cover stories group stories by source, topic, and/or social network, thus making it very simple to locate and read items of interest. Flipboard also seems to learn from my reading habits and appears to feed more stories into the sections that I favour. I like that I can ‘mute’ some authors of posts from my feed. While the presentation of home page information from other networks is very attractive, the question remain whether I would substitute visiting my other social media account for Flipboard? I’m not sure, yet-it may occur through learned behaviour.

I then got me thinking about how I would apply Flipboard in a library setting. With minimum effort we could to showcase all our libraries via clear and vivid images; Give the library consumers an inside look into the library, personal and up close. It would also bring the other library social media accounts together (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to one forum for users-the easier the better!  

  To end, I’d like to thank the RudaĆ­23 team for all their time and efforts. It has been a very enjoyable, educational and social experience, one that I would hope to build upon in the future. Libraries are now very social environments and we need to embrace that and keep up with technological advances and trends. It’s important to constantly get the word out in the most efficient and portable way that will inspire a library user.

I have included a video t
hat makes me smile every time I watch it. It was a video commissioned by the BCC in 2014 and it both celebrates and represents the modern library.

 "I love my local library and all quirks"....

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